Me 0 - 1 Stars

Bit the bullet and actually did this: playing on stars.

The way I was setting that shit up should be 100% stealth, but I got cocky and went with a dangerous way after a while.

I didn’t own an account pre BF so I asked my buddy to register one for me, from Australia. couple of hours later after he deposited some money in, I logged on with a virtual machine I got in Singapore, running Linux, emulating stars’ Windows Client. This way, even if stars client would scan for VPN processes and shit, it wouldn’t find anything since it is running on Linux. So I was safe for a while.

Got a bit fed up on the speed (remoting into the host is not the fastest thing ever, and it crashes from time to time due to memory issues, and there is no sound), and I would really love to use my HEM2 HUD. Re-did my setup with a local virtual machine + VPN (re-did my host in Singapore from a full-feature host to just a VPN server, instead of getting some known VPN services because they might be blacklisted already. At the same time, the IP address between these two methods stayed the same). I managed to still play without getting caught, until this incident happened..

Tonight I connected my VPN as usual, but as I opened stars, I got this popup, saying ‘hey don’t play in the US’. I was like, fuck. Instead of clicking OK on the prompt, I killed the process very quickly, and went on speedtest to verify my location. Damn, my VPN wasn’t connecting properly, and I was still in the US! Oh gawd. After double-checking my VPN is set up properly again, I logged on and played for a little bit (well at this point i am just like, if I am getting caught soon, I know why), and after about 40 minutes, stars found out and froze my account..

If my account hadn’t flashed in the US I would have been totally fine I think. Oh well, time to get back into the US sites. I loved stars for the volume and competiton. It is just that I will have to stick with sites like Seals with Clubs again. (Well I live in a state that doesn’t allow online poker so I am not sure if I can ever cash out on Bovada so I am not going to bother)

gg stars..